Who We Are
Charlie Mancuso began Brazos Valley Recycling (BVR) and The Big Dumpster about eight years ago. Charlie grew up in Bryan and worked in the rental business for his father, Cullen Mancuso.  Charlie’s dad taught him the importance of delivering a good service for a fair price and always valuing your customers and employees. Charlie followed in his father’s footsteps and opened several rental businesses such as We Rent It and BCS Stop & Go Potties. Charlie began wanting to start renting dumpsters for construction companies this eventually became known as The Big Dumpster. Charlie sold We Rent It in 2009, and began focusing on The Big Dumpster. He realized that the majority of the materials in the construction dumpsters were recyclables such as concrete, wood, metal, brick/block, cardboard, plastic and many other things. Instead of paying to dispose of these materials in the landfill, he started developing options to somehow reuse or recycle the materials. Eventually, these ideas led to the formation of Brazos Valley Recycling, a state certified recycling and composting facility. There are two key components to the business: The Big Dumpster, which supplies the actual containers, dumpsters, totes, and recycling bins, and Brazos Valley Recycling, which is the recycling facility.

What We Do
BVR’s goal is to provide waste diversion services that benefit our customers and positively impact our environment. BVR works with state regulatory agencies to make certain compliance of all environmental protection guidelines are followed. We are continually striving to initiate innovative sustainability as an alternative to conventional disposal.
Currently, BVR provides a wide array of waste removal, recycling, disposal, and transportation services. BVR provides services to commercial, industrial, construction, and residential customers. BVR currently recycles the following items: cardboard, paperboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, metal, glass, wood, concrete, brick, block, food waste, liquid waste, yard waste, and manure. Our containers vary from small office recycling bins, rear load containers, roll off containers, and compactors. We also have a recycling drop off location which is open to the public and is located on west campus at Texas A&M University.
Outside haulers also dispose of materials at BVR’s state of the art recycling facility. Our prime location, low tipping fees, quick service, and environmentally friendly approach to disposal has brought customers such as Texas A&M University, Budweiser, Pepsi Company, and hundreds of other customers to our facility for their disposal and recycling needs.

What is changing at Brazos Valley Recycling?

We are going to continue handling business as usual at Brazos Valley Recycling. There is one thing that will be changing which we have addressed below:

We currently recycle between 200-275 tons of material per day. The material that we receive primarily consists of the following: cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, wood, concrete, brick, block, and trees.  We will still continue to bale the cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal for further recycling as we currently do. We will still crush the concrete, brick, and block, and grind the wood and trees to resell back into the community. So what changes? Out of the 200-275 tons of materials we receive per day, approximately 80-88 percent of the materials are recycled. These numbers are strictly monitored in order for us to maintain compliance at a local and state level. Currently, we load the unrecyclable materials into our roll off trucks and haul them to the landfill in Grimes County for disposal. This creates an additional financial burden on our company and an increase in our company’s carbon footprint.  We have applied and are in compliance with the State of Texas to be granted a class four landfill permit. This new permit allows us to dispose of the construction debris residuals that we cannot recycle into the pit that was already here from previous excavating. We have a strict set of guidelines that enforce particular rules for the operating of our facility. The items that we accept at our facility will not change, and we will still not receive the following: household waste, hazardous waste, electronics, or medical waste. The landfill will only be for construction and demolition debris residuals that are not recyclable.